The State of Energy in Africa

A very interesting video about the state of electricity generation in Africa from the following source:

Following the recent IMF Annual Meeting, CNBC Africa hosted a special panel discussion and debate at the Wits Business School in Johannesburg to discuss South Africa’s role in the global energy market. The discussion focused on the state of energy in Africa and how the business sector is addressing these challenges and the implications of international development.


Gas vs Electrical Geyser Test

Steibel Eltron conducted a test that compared the cost of heating water using a conventional electric geyser to a gas geyser.

They have kindly allowed us to publish their test in which they heated 200 liters of water a day to 55C using an electric geyser as well as a gas geyser in the same environment.

They did this every day for a month and then compared the costs.

They found that it cost more to heat water using gas than a conventional electric geyser.

Read more about the test here.

We Start Using PowerProphet

We are pleased to announce that we have gained access to the very useful PowerProphet electricity consumption modelling and prediction tool.screenshots

PowerProphet enables the detailed analysis and prediction of energy consumption (kWh) and maximum demand (kVA) for virtually any set of circumstances.

We will be using it extensively to analyse and discuss various power saving topics.


Heat Pumps vs Solar Water Heater Study

M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd, was commissioned by Eskom to investigate the use of heat pumps as a means of heating water as a more energy efficient alternative to household geysers.

Two detailed case studies were undertaken, one in the residential sector and the other in the commerial sector.  The residentual study compared three heating methods; conventional geyser, heat pump and solar heating, while the comercial study only compared heat pumps to geysers.  The study was conducted on a computer simulation program.

The conclusions drawn from the study were:

  • Heat pumps achieve at least 80% of the savings possible with a comparable solar water heating system, but at far lower installation cost.
  • Heat pumps are a cost effective technology for heating water in commercial applications.

The full report on the study is available here.